More and more guitar pedals are being created every day, and it can be confusing to know what they all do to the sound of your electric guitar. Among them are reverb pedals which give a unique experience to your music. Consider getting one at What can you get from best revert pedals for guitar?

Benefits of reverb pedals for guitars

Check your string pitches live with a reverb pedal.

Whether you like it or not, the pitches on your electric guitar are goingsdfdsfsdfdfsdfs to go out of tune at the¬†worst times, and you need to prepare. Get a reverb pedal to hook up to your guitar live on stage, and you won’t have to worry about crazy strings again.

Compression pedals will level the muscle you put into strumming.

If you’re the type of guitarist that varies their strumming during a show but wants almost all of the material to stay level, you might get a lot of use out of a compression pedal. Compressors not only give balance to the level of effort you use to strum but can add some attack to your electric guitar’s notes as well.

Go back to the 70s with a reverb pedal.

There’re a few signature electric guitar sounds that came out of the 60s, and one of them was the unforgettable reverb pedal. Connect your guitar to a reverb pedal, and you can transform your tones into psychedelic waves that can get your crowd in the mood to protest.

Boost your distortion with the reverb pedal.

Sometimes an electric guitarist just needs some more distortion and buying revert pedal is the way to solve that problem. The next time you feel you need more pump on a solo or raging verse, just stomp on your revert and blow the roof off the auditorium.

Get rid of amplifier hum with a noise gate.

fgsdgdsgsdgsdgSometimes your guitar amplifier might have a very powerful distortion channel that hums and hisses in the background when your strings are not vibrating. To get rid of that hum, connect to a noise gate pedal, and when you’re not playing your electric guitar, you’ll hear silence.

Mess around on stage with the reverb pedal.

If you’re a guitarist that likes to repeat sections often and then add new riffs over the top, then this will be perfect for you. Imagine playing your electric guitar once and then having that section to play along with while it repeats over and over again. It’s your personal back-up guitarist! Guitar pedals are easy to abuse since they can distort sounds, alter pitches, and block noise, but using them in their context is the most important part.