If you have decided that you want to insulate your home using spray foam, now you must be looking for a contractor. This is a general article about spray foam that equips you with helpful tips for finding the right contractor for your particular requirements.

Check for license and insurance

Before choosing a spray foam company, you need to ask for licensing and insurance. Find out from the insurance if there are any claims made against the enterprise. This will guarantee that you will not be held accountable if any accident occurs in your home or property is damaged during the process. If you discover that the contractor lacks the necessary insurance and license, don’t shy to move to the next company.

Certification by manufacturer

2The following thing that you need to consider when choosing a spray foam contractor you should find out if they have been trained by the manufacturer to install their products. Reputable contractors are trained and certified for both commercial and residential installation of spray foam. The training from the manufacturer ensures that the contractor clearly understands every part of the business emphasizing on where to install products and sealing the thermal envelope appropriately. Besides, the contractors always have the chance to go back to the manufacturer should any question arise during their work. The insulation installed is only as good as the contractor installing it.


How long has the contractor been in the market? Only contractors that have been in this otherwise competitive industry long enough to know every aspect of the installation procedure. Spray foam manufacturers stick to strict guidelines when formulating and manufacturing their products and it is upon the contractor to familiarize with the process. If you choose a contractor with less than a year of experience in this field, then you may not succeed with your project.

Broad range of products

Does the builder offer a wide variety of spray foam products? No single product suits all projects. Simply put, they type of the spray foam products used by the contractor should vary based on the kind of application. For instance, open cell foams are ideal for interior applications while closed cell foam is approved for exterior use. A good spray foam contractor is one that offerers a wide range of products to their esteemed clients.

Go for owner-operator contractors

Is your potential contractor and owner operator or does he subcontract? Ensure that you find out if a contractor is an owner operator or you risk falling prey to companies that pose as marketing and sales companies. While some of them may have a good reputation, some do not understand what it takes to complete a perfect spray foam job. The people they hire to do the job may not have the same level of integrity as owner operator companies, and corners can be cut. Owner operator contractors never compromise on the quality of their work.


3Does the contractor offer warranty? Most contractors provide some guaranty to homeowners. They show that the installation is properly done and is valid.…