The Internet has finally delivered what movie enthusiasts have been waiting for- the ability to download tv series and watch them anytime anywhere. Initially, one had to wait for a particular TV series to be aired on the TV to watch it. This would happen only at specific times of the day. Episodes were also played slowly in a systematic sequence, and it would look like an eternity away when the entire show will be completed. The journey has really been long and tedious. But we are finally here.

Digitalization in the entertainment industry

hgdhd64The Internet no longer makes us feel like old Jurassic fossils. It has taken us to the next level in the entertainment industry. Everything in the modern world is moving fast, and the entertainment sector has had to match this speed. This is because, in the modern 24-hour economy, people have found themselves missing episodes of their most favorite TV shows on their traditional TV channels. However, with the ability to download and watch full TV series, this problem is no more. People can download or stream their favorite TV shows at pleasure.

What has changed?

Downloading TV series online has changed the entertainment industry a great deal. To begin with, as we have noted, with your Internet enabled mobile device, you can download the TV shows that you like and watch them at your own time, ahead of your traditional channel. You can pause or rewind and re-watch these shows. This way, the internet allows you to have entertainment in your own terms. Perhaps that is why TV viewing is slowly overtaking the filming industry. Internet-based producers are now producing TV series, just like the major networks that we already know of. This healthy competition serves the viewer right.

Why is this a step in the right direction?

hgdgd64The future of TV viewing is online. Time will come when people will just be watching their TV shows online via their Internet enabled devices. Everyone likes the convenience that comes with downloading TV shows and watching them at any time. You no longer have to stop everything you are doing simply because your favorite TV series goes on air at a certain time only. Let it come and go and download it on your mobile phone or laptop at your own time. Once you have it on your mobile phone, watch it at your own time and share it with your friends and relatives.

Forget about the traditional TV that gives you everything piecemeal. You get just an hour of your favorite series a week, for example. And a specific genre at a time. With the Internet, no one decides for you how much of a TV series you can watch. You can download any genre of TV series that you like, be it reality TV shows, documentaries, comedy, drama, adventure and more. Variety is the spice of life, or so they say.

Indeed, if you are still in the traditional television viewing scene, you are living in the past. You must have missed several episodes of your favorite show. Embrace the Internet, and you will never miss a show again.…